NEA-NH Extends Profound Sympathies to Families of Those Lost in Texas School Shooting Today

“On behalf of our 17,000 members, I want to express our profound sympathies to the families of those killed in today’s school shooting in Texas” said NEA-NH President, Megan Tuttle.

“Once again, children’s laughter was drowned out by the sound of gunshots and sirens. How many children and educators need to be killed before meaningful action is taken to make our schools safe?”

“Our nation and state have the resources to stop this epidemic – what we lack is the will. Rather than pass and fund legislation that would provide additional mental health resources, we have new laws that prevent us from teaching honest history lessons. Instead of funding training at the local level for educators and administrators to help identify at-risk students and get them the help they need, we are presented with book bans and loyalty oaths.”

“I am not willing to accept that this kind of senseless violence perpetrated on our children is the new normal. Sadly, it’s time once again to demand our politicians do more than express sorrow and regret when children and educators are gunned down at school,” said Tuttle.