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How to Talk with Potential Members and Answer Thorny Questions

You don’t have to be an expert in all things union to ask a friend to join! Use our talking points and Q&A ideas.

Back to School Orientation Slides

Borrow these slides for opening day and make them your own.

Orientation Booklet

These materials will help you feel prepared for your first meeting with new employees.

Join Now Videos

NEA has many cool video clips you can use at orientation or your first union meeting. A video is worth a thousand words!


These posters make a visual splash on your bulletin boards, hallways, and websites. Everyone should know who you are, what you are about, and WHY to join. Fill in the blank section with contact info.

Membership Forms

The membership form, the dues chart, and Join Now QR Code postcards can be found here.

Dues Chart and Savings!

Make sure your leaders are carrying the 2023-2024 dues chart! Use the NEA Member Benefits flyers to post on your bulletin boards or hand out to potential members.

BRAG Sheets

This simple tool will help your union explain WHAT YOU DO, YOUR SUCCESSES, and WHAT YOU STAND FOR. Building a culture of belonging builds membership!

Membership Plan

Set a goal of increasing members, make action items, share the work, and see your goal get fulfilled! We work effectively when we know where we are headed. 

Back to School Activities

Not sure where to start? We have a lot of ideas for how to get people involved and excited at the beginning of the year.

Bulletin Board Materials

You don’t need an art degree to create eye-catching bulletin boards! But you do NEED a bulletin board that everyone sees in the halls. Each person who walks through school should know who you are and why you matter.

PAC (Political Action Committee)

No matter your views, political decisions and laws determine what goes on in schools! Teach members to give to AppleCorps PAC so we can support education-friendly candidates in getting elected!

Meet the NEA-NH UniServ Team

Capital Region

Jason Faria, Director
(603) 702-0062

Tara Couture, Assistant
(603) 715-9502

South Central Region

Ignacio Sanchez, Director
(603) 703-5760

Karen Heavener, Assistant
(603) 715-9311

Southern Region

Lorri Hayes, Director
(603) 715-9314

Liz Schneible, Assistant
(603) 715-9505

Eastern Region

Peter Miller, Director
(603) 715-9318

Paula Gailing, Assistant
(603) 715-9302

North Country Region

Michelle McCord, Director
(603) 991-3697

Paula Gailing, Temporary Assistant
(603) 715-9302

Lakes Region

Chris Long, Director
(603) 715-6757

Ally Snyder, Assistant
(603) 715-9316

Seacoast Region

Nicole Argraves, Director
(207) 831-4462

Paula Gailing, Assistant
(603) 715-9302

Monadnock Region

Rachel Hawkinson, Director
(603) 573-6277

Tara Couture, Assistant
(603) 715-9502

Western Region

Karen Ladd, Director
(603) 775-3069

Tara Couture, Temporary Assistant
(603) 715-9502