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NEA-NH Member Survey Underway

NEA-NH will be surveying members over the next week beginning Wednesday, February 1, 2023.   The survey will be distributed to randomly selected members via email and is part of our ongoing effort to listen to NEA-NH members about their needs and concerns.  If selected, we encourage you to participate in this valuable project.

NEA-NH Legislative Update 01.27.23

Week in Review HB 533 – Power Grab from DOE on HRC Complaints Heard On Thursday of this week NEA-NH gave testimony opposing HB 533 before the House Judiciary Committee. This bill would allow the Department of Education itself to file a complaint “on behalf of any person aggrieved by a discriminatory practice by a school or school district.” This means that this would allow the Commissioner to directly take “banned concept” type complaints received by the Department and file official complaints to the Human Rights Commission. With Commissioner Edelblut’s history of standing with organizations and individuals that have put […]

NEA-NH Legislative Update 01.20.23

Week in Review – Vouchers and Retirement School Voucher Expansion This week, the House Education committee heard 2 of the 3 bills being proposed to greatly expand the school voucher program. NEA-NH was there to testify against both bills. You can see our written testimony against both bills here. HB 464 would expand the school voucher eligibility by adding various new categories of students regardless of their family income. HB 367 would simply expand the income eligibility of the program to 500% of the Federal Poverty Level, which for a family of 4 in 2023 is $150,000. Both pieces of […]

NEA-NH Testifies in Opposition to Voucher Expansion

“I am writing to you today to express our strong opposition to HB 464 and HB 367, legislation that would greatly increase the amount of funds directed toward our school voucher program by expanding the eligibility of the program. The bills appear to do so by eliminating the income eligibility among a variety of categories of students.” This is how the testimony submitted by NEA-NH for today’s hearings on HV 464 and 367 began. The evidence is just too stark to justify the use of public money to fund private expenses and tuition. Vouchers fail to deliver for the kids […]

Federal Court Rules “Banned Concepts” Lawsuit Can Continue

Federal judge allows case to proceed, saying “Given the severe consequences that teachers face if they are found to have taught or advocated a banned concept, plaintiffs have pleaded a plausible claim that the amendments are unconstitutionally vague” United States District Judge Paul J. Barbadoro ruled on the State of New Hampshire’s request to dismiss the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of several recent amendments to New Hampshire’s education and antidiscrimination laws that restrict what public school teachers can say to their students about how to understand, prevent, and redress discrimination in our society. While he did rule that claims that […]

The Christa McAuliffe Sabbatical Awards a Year-long Leave of Absence to an Exceptional NH Public School Teacher

Do you know a teacher with a great idea about education? Each year the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Christa McAuliffe Sabbatical program awards a year-long leave of absence to an exceptional New Hampshire public school teacher. The sabbatical provides the teacher with the time, space and funding to explore, through a self-designed project, new ideas and ways to enhance classroom teaching. This is a unique opportunity for a full-time classroom teacher and their school to gain statewide recognition for innovative approaches to classroom instruction.  Visit the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation website to learn more about the program requirements. The online […]