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Both HB 331 and HB 538 would blow the doors open on funding private schools in New Hampshire with public tax dollars, and decimate funding for access to public schools.

According to a recent UNH/NEA-NH statewide poll, 60% of New Hampshire citizens believe the level of funding the state provides to our public schools is too low.  A massive expansion of the voucher program is not what most Granite Staters want.

Allowing millionaires to use vouchers to pay for private schools and redirecting local property taxes to fund private schools is not the New Hampshire way.    

Remind your Representative(s) that those attending private schools have made a choice to do so on their own and that taxpayers have no obligation to help pay their tuition bills. 

The overwhelming majority of citizens strongly support our public schools. They don’t want them dismantled or de-funded.

Contact your Representative(s) today and urge them to vote NO on HB 331 and HB 538. 

HB 10 is a bill that would set forward a set of broad and vaguely written “rights” for parents within NH K-12 public schools. Many of the rights outlined in the bill exist already, such as the right to opt a student out of certain instruction. Part of the trouble with HB 10 is that it goes beyond those types of rights and appears to imply parental rights to direct not just the education of their own child, but to infringe on the right to an inclusive education for the rest of the children in the classroom. Parents and voters agree that our public schools should be inclusive and welcoming places, but this legislation targets LGBTQ+ students and drives a wedge between parents and school personnel. The legislation also contains disciplinary actions up to removal of licensure for any certified personnel and criminal penalties for any person in a school for violating any part of this proposed law.

Parents and educators have been working well together for a long time in New Hampshire. We should be passing legislation that supports this relationship, not fractures it with the threat of criminal penalties and license revocation. 

Class A misdemeanors, as called for in HB 10, are completely outrageous and seem to serve no purpose other than to create a climate of fear and intimidation among school employees. 

We have a widely reported shortage of educators in our classrooms. Passing a law like HB 10 with the penalties and vague, confusing and contradictory language it contains only serves to dissuade people from entering or remaining in this profession. HB 10 only adds to the feeling of being constantly under attack, and not supported by our state leaders.

Urge your Representative(s) to keep fear and threats out of our schools and defeat HB 10.