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HB 1431: Unsafe Bill Hiding Under the Name “Parental Bill of Rights”

About The Bill

Even as amended, HB 1431 will create unsafe learning environments for students, risk their mental health, and undermine the state’s obligation to provide an adequate and inclusive education for all students.

The LGBTQ+ community is especially concerned about HB 1431 as the bill would require mandatory, immediate disclosure to parents about student club and extracurricular activities, school counselor visits, and changes in gender identity and expression at school. This will cause harm to LGBTQ+ students and undermine school efforts to create an affirming learning environment for all students.

If this bill passes, it will remove the last place some kids feel safe. This is not a bill parents, students or teachers want. 

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office warns that HB 1431 will put schools in violation of the state’s 2018 anti-discrimination law, and expose schools to legal liability should a student die by suicide after being “outed” to parents, as required by this bill.

As a result, Governor Sununu has promised to veto HB 1431 if it reaches his desk.

Let’s stop this dangerous bill now.

What You Can Do

Parents and teachers in New Hampshire have been working together for a long time to ensure our schools consistently provide what’s best for our children and their education. HB 1431 disregards these well-tended relationships, substituting them with rules that make our schools and classrooms less safe for every student, risk their mental and physical health and well-being, and undermine the state’s obligation to provide an adequate and inclusive education for all students. 

Please urge your State Representative(s) and Senator to vote NO on HB 1431 because it interferes in parent-child relationships, causes harm to vulnerable LGBTQ+ and other students, and undermines school efforts to create affirming, inclusive learning environments.

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