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HB 1665 is an effort to dramatically expand private school vouchers by raising eligibility to enter the program from 350% of the Federal Poverty Level to 500% (or $156k per year for a family of four). This bill would bring the state a long way toward universal voucher eligibility and the fiscal debacles with public education that states like Florida and Arizona are facing right now. For New Hampshire, this could mean as much as an additional $66 million diverted from public education annually. 

Several organizations funded by the Koch brothers are now focusing on this, effectively the last remaining voucher expansion bill in the legislature this year. Some Republican state senators have expressed caution about expanding the private school voucher program as far as this bill would but the pressure will be on and that’s why it is critical you act now and urge your state senator to reject expanding the runaway voucher program! 

Nothing less than our students’ future depends on their schools meeting high expectations and having a comprehensive curriculum.

  1. Learn more about the 306 Rules here  
  1. Sign the petition to join NEA-New Hampshire in calling on the State Board of Education to listen to educator concerns about protecting strong standards for public schools! 
  1. While the public hearings are complete, the work continues on these rules. You can make your voice heard by submitting written comment to by April 30th. You can use this NEA-NH form to contact the State Board of Education, too! 

On Monday, the House Education committee will be having a public hearing on SB 341, relative to mandatory disclosure by school district employees to parents. This bill is essentially an excerpt from a previous version of the so-called “parental rights” legislation. A recent committee amendment to the bill does nothing to improve it at all.  

This bill is targeted toward forcing educators to out LGBTQ+ students by requiring licensed educators to answer written inquiries within a 10-day period, “completely and honestly”, a standard that even the NH Department of Education acknowledged is incredibly subjective. The bill serves only to turn school employees into student surveillance drones rather than being able to focus on educating students – all under the threat of licensure removal. It also puts educators in the middle of families without the opportunity to ensure they are doing no harm. The bill does not consider protocols established at the local level for how to handle complex inquiries, causing concern that this bill could create tremendous liability for individual educators.  

Like so many bills we have seen over the last several years, this legislation combines vague language with harsh punishments, and in doing so uses the educator-parent relationship as a political football. Parents and educators have been working together well for a long time and this sort of legislation only serves to damage that relationship. 

Please sign in, submit written testimony, or testify in OPPOSITION to SB 341 which is being heard on Monday, April 22nd at 10:00 am in the House Education Committee.