NEA-NH Legislative Take Action Center

New Hampshire Primary Elections: September 13, 2022

This year may be the most consequential election in our history. It starts next week with the New Hampshire primaries on Tuesday, September 13. NEA-New Hampshire’s Government Relations Committee and Executive Board have recommended 51 candidates in this year’s contested primaries. The complete list appears below.  This year’s list includes 38 Democrats and 13 Republicans.

“We need elected officials who will work together to ensure our educators are fairly compensated, our schools are fully funded, and every child receives a fair and equitable education,” said Megan Tuttle, NEA-New Hampshire President. “These elected officials start their journey as candidates who are committed to the fight to protect and increase funding for public schools and make sure our students have the tools they need to succeed.”

This election cycle to far too important to sit out.
“Your vote is needed to prevent radical legislation that slashes education funding, takes away resources from students who need it most, and makes it harder to recruit and retain qualified educators,” said Tuttle. “It’s time to vote your future.”

Use the NH Secretary of State’s Polling Location look-up site to find where you should vote.

STATE SENATE 10Donovan FentonD
BELKNAP 5Mike BordesR
CARROLL 3Karel A. Crawford R
CARROLL 6Brodie DeshaiesR
CHESHIRE 15Paul Berch, Amanda Elizabeth TollD
COOS 6William A. HatchD
GRAFTON 3Bonnie HamR
GRAFTON 12Mary A. Hakken-Phillips, Russell Muirhead, James M. Murphy, Sharon NordgrenD
HILLSBOROUGH 21Jeff Goley, Diane M. LangleyD
HILLSBOROUGH 22Patricia Cornell, Nicole LeapleyD
HILLSBOROUGH 29Curt DeVetter, Dian McCarthyD
HILLSBOROUGH 33Peter R. Leishman, Ivy VannD
HILLSBOROUGH 40Damond Ford, Mark S. Mackenzie, Trinidad Tellez, Matthew B. WilhelmD
HILLSBOROUGH 40Carlos GonzalezR
HILLSBOROUGH 41Amy Bradley, Jacqueline Chretien, Mary HeathD
MERRIMACK 7Daniel H. WolfR
MERRIMACK 13James Conrad AllardR
MERRIMACK 13Sally Hoskinson KellyD
MERRIMACK 14John F. KloseR
ROCKINGHAM 10Michael Cahill, Charlotte DiLorenzo, Ellen ReadD
ROCKINGHAM 13David E. Milz, Brenda WillisR
ROCKINGHAM 25Donna Loranger, Neil Misra, Bonnie WrightD
STRAFFORD 10Timothy Horrigan, Cam Kenney, Loren Selig, Marjorie SmithD
STRAFFORD 21Susan TreleavenD
SULLIVAN 7Jason BourneD