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Mental Health Resources for NEA-NH Members

Feel like you’re at the end of your rope and your grip is slipping? The past eighteen months have been like no other and educators have faced unrelenting challenges every day. You’re stressed, exhausted and may need some support or someone to talk to other than your spouse or colleagues who are equally spent. You have numerous resources available at your fingertips providing help for your mental health. NEA Member Benefits offers many discount, financial, insurance and retirement planning benefits for NEA members. They also provide a no-cost, convenient option

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The Scott McGilvray Children’s Fund – Real Students, Real Families, Real Help

Created by NEA–New Hampshire, the Scott McGilvray Children’s Fund helps kids be ready to learn because a child’s physical, social, or emotional needs should never stand in the way of classroom success.  For more than 25 years we’ve helped children obtain items or services essential to their well-being and success in school, including clothes, medical care, food, transportation, or related services not provided by other agencies. We all know that educators are caring and empathetic – it’s what drove many of us to the profession in the first place. Very

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To Some NH Politicians, Loyalty Means Silence

Representatives Lekas, Layon, Cordelli, and Ammon have introduced HB 1255 to “expand the prohibition on teacher advocacy of subversive doctrines.” Digging back to a New Hampshire Teacher Loyalty law that prohibits educators from advocating communism as a political doctrine, they added prohibitions on advocating “any doctrine or theory promoting a negative account or representation of the founding and history of the United States of America” including teaching that “the United States was founded on racism.” For good measure they also propose that “a violation of this section shall be considered a violation of the New Hampshire code of ethics and code of conduct for educational professionals and shall justify disciplinary sanctions.” Translation: Their version of loyalty means staying silent on teaching an accurate representation of our nation’s history and failing

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Early Holiday Deals You Can’t Afford to Miss

From electronics to clothing, get a head start on your gift list and earn cash back while you shop online. by NEA Member Benefits Is it ever too early to start holiday shopping? We don’t think so! All year long, NEA members can shop and save through our popular discount shopping program, NEA Discount Marketplace, powered by Rakuten. You’ll find limited-time savings to help you stretch your budget, and you can earn cash back on your purchases.  We’ve combed through NEA Discount Marketplace to help you get a jump-start on early holiday deals. Shop and save now, and you’ll have your gift list wrapped up in a flash. ELECTRONICS Is any gift list complete without at least one drool-worthy gadget? Find member pricing and cash-back deals on computers, software, tablets, game consoles, televisions,

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Get Rewarded for Holiday Shopping

By NEA Member Benefits Whether you’re shopping for holiday presents, booking your flight home for the holidays, or making everyday purchases such as groceries, gas, clothes, classroom supplies or books, you can make your hard-earned dollars pay you back with customer loyalty reward program cards, apps and codes. You’ll still be buying the same items, but when you use rewards programs, you’ll get more value for the money you spend. Incentivizing loyal customers has become a big business. Rewards program memberships have grown at a strong, steady rate. Pre-pandemic surveys showed nearly 4 billion loyalty program memberships, and the jury is still out on how they will fare once we return to normalcy. Target your loyalty for optimal rewards The average U.S. household belongs to two dozen or more rewards

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On National Recognition Day for ESPs, Thank You For All You Do!

Dear Educational Support Professionals (ESP), The NEA-NH ESP Issues Committee believes that our ESP members fill a variety of important roles in our public schools. Every one of them is critical to the success of each student who attends New Hampshire public schools; no position is more important than another. We believe that our schools are an integral part of making our communities strong. School employees share a common responsibility to provide for the learning environment, the health and mental well-being, and the physical safety of students. We know that ESP are vital to this mission. Take a moment to consider. How would your children get to school safely and reliably without the bus driver? Would a student obtain a healthy meal, so that they could learn each afternoon, without

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