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NEA-NH Recommends Joe Pace for District 3 Executive Council

NEA-New Hampshire, the state’s largest public sector union, announced their recommendation of Joe Pace in the race for Executive Council in District 3. “Joe Pace understands the value of public education in New Hampshire,” said NEA-NH President Megan Tuttle. “He attended public schools in Stratham and Exeter, and graduated from UNH. He knows firsthand how important our public schools are as pathways to prosperity for all of our families. He advocated for UNH as a student leader, and has continued to be a strong voice for public education as an

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NEA-NH Announces Recommendation of Molly Kelly for Governor

NEA-New Hampshire recommended Molly Kelly to be the next governor of New Hampshire in a press conference at Beaver Meadow School in Concord this week. “Molly Kelly has always been a champion for public school education, and we enthusiastically endorse her to be our next governor,” said Megan Tuttle, NEA-NH president. “Instead of pushing a school voucher program that would weaken public schools, we know Molly will work to strengthen public education, support teachers and ensure every child can earn a quality education.” “It is an honor to earn the

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Reviewing the 2017-2018 Legislative Results

The 2017-2018 Legislative Session has come to a close, a little earlier than usual this year due to State House renovations. Here is a quick look back at the past two sessions in Concord, beginning with the 2018 Session. Established an Educator Death Benefit and Increased Funding for School Security Since Columbine, educators have too often been called upon to act as first responders to incidents of school violence. HB 1415 establishes a $100,000 death benefit for any school employee killed in the line of duty as a result of school violence. NEA-New Hampshire sincerely hopes that this benefit will never have to be paid, but we applaud the Legislature for passing this legislation as recognition of the changes that have come to our profession in the past 20 years.

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NEA-NH Welcomes Passage of the School Employee Death Benefit Bill

Members urge Governor to sign bill into law CONCORD, NH – May 23, 2018 – The School Employee Death Benefit bill, along with an additional $10 million for school security upgrades, passed both the House and Senate today. There was a voice vote in the Senate, and the bill passed the House 262-76. The bill is now headed to the Governor. The most recent slaughter of students and educators in Texas is further evidence of the need for this bill for the surviving families of school employees who die from violence while doing their jobs. So long as school employees think of their students’ safety first, and they will in every instance, they are entitled to know that their families will have some degree of financial security should they die.

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Protest the Betsy DeVos Visit

President Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is coming to New Hampshire on Monday night for a New Hampshire GOP fundraiser. The Secretary’s visit comes on the heels of a desperate effort by Governor Sununu to revive SB 193, the school voucher bill which would have diverted funds from public schools to private and religious institutions. It’s the same failed policy that DeVos has pushed aggressively in her short tenure with the Department of Education. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!  It’s up to us, the people of New Hampshire, to take a visible stand to protect our schools and our children. Please join us to protest DeVos’s visit from 4:30 to 6:00 pm on Monday, May 14th outside the Atkinson Country Club. JOIN US MONDAY AFTERNOON – WEAR RED – Click for

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Dear Gov. Sununu; You Have Underestimated Us Once Again

An open letter to Governor Sununu:   Dear Governor Sununu, We are aware that SB193 supporters have tied their unconstitutional voucher bill to the bill authorizing the public-school employee death benefit, among other education related bills.  The thousands of school employees in this state, along with their families and supporters find this tactic reprehensible.  If you believed that we would be moved to offer support for a bill that robs millions from public school children across the state to save the death benefit bill, then you have grossly underestimated the lengths to which public school employees will go to protect our students. Employing strong-arm, parliamentary trickery to save your voucher scheme at a time when New Hampshire teachers dip into their own pockets to purchase pens, paper, and other needed

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Today, Americans in cities and towns all over the nation are celebrating National Teacher Day, a day set aside to honor educators in every community. I want to thank you for your commitment to your students, and for the work you do each day to create safe, inviting, engaging classrooms, and great public schools for every student. Teachers give so much. A boost of confidence when we really need one. Extra help when we’re having trouble. A welcoming presence when everything else seems out of control. You have made countless lives better, and today I want to add my voice to all those saying, “Thank you.” I know that appreciation alone will not reduce the challenges we face to help meet the needs of our students, but I wanted to

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SB193 Hurts Real Kids in Real Need

The entire premise of a quality public education is based on the foundation of helping every child in every zip code. When supporters of SB193 say the bill will help “kids in need,” it somehow seems to imply that poorer children are being charged to attend public school and just can’t afford it. In fact, we, as a community, pay taxes to assure that all kids get a quality education for free.  SB193, and all the other so-called “School Choice” bills, seeks to divert the public money already in use to provide a free education to the children of our state, to pay for tuition at private and religious schools. This bill actually hurts real kids in real need by robbing public schools of the funds they need to provide

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