Legislative Update

Volunteer This Weekend to Help the Record Number of NEA-NH Current and Former Members Running For Office

There are 26 current and former NEA-NH members running for office this November, and they need your help. Educators deserve a place at the table when decisions are being made that impact public education. The experience educators have gained while working with students gives them a unique perspective when it comes to making education policy and setting budget priorities for their communities. Having members, and those who believe in the power of public education, in office means we are better able to advocate for our students and our profession.  You can help get them elected by volunteering this weekend to participate in […]

Stay Informed: With Little to No Public Input, Group Planning on Bringing Drastic Changes to NH Classrooms

For the past two years, with little public input, a group has been working on revisions to the rules that ensure every NH student receives a high-quality public education. NEA-NH and Reaching Higher NH hosted a special briefing webinar to update Members on the drastic changes this group is planning on bringing to districts and classrooms across the Granite State. For more information, we’ve provided the following links and resources: Reaching Higher New Hampshire Content including their analysis, a downloadable copy of the rules, as well as other pertinent information. Reaching Higher New Hampshire Registration Link. By registering for the […]

Record Number of NEA-NH Current and Former Members Running in November

Today in America, our schools are facing a lack of mental-health supports for students, teacher shortages, school shootings, book bans, and more. A new NEA survey shows that, despite their political differences, the vast majority of U.S. voters share the same concerns about public education today. What’s more, their concerns mirror the concerns of NEA members, who are working hard as school resumes to make sure all students have what they need. The nationwide poll of 1,000 likely November 2022 voters was split evenly among Democrats (30 percent), Republicans (31 percent), and Independent or independent-leaning (38 percent). Roughly one-third were […]

NEA-NH Releases Voter Guide for Members for 2022 Elections

Each election year, NEA-New Hampshire provides a Voting Record and list of Recommended Candidates to our members detailing each House and Senate member’s vote on bills important to public school students and educators. The 2022 Voter Guide will be mailed to each member’s home address shortly. The entire guide can be viewed online as well.

NH Implements Holocaust and Genocide Education Mandate

Press Release from NH State Senator Jay Kahn The NH state legislature established in 2020 a requirement that an adequate education incorporate “knowledge of civics and government, economics, geography, history, and Holocaust and genocide education to enable student to participate in the democratic process and to make informed choices as responsible citizens.” (RSA 193-E:2)  That legislation also established a Commission on Holocaust and Genocide Education “to study best practices for teaching students how intolerance, bigotry, antisemitism, and national, ethnic, racial, or religious hatred and discrimination have evolved in the past, and can evolve into mass violence and genocide, such as […]

Defending Our Divisive Concepts Lawsuit This Week

NEA-NH, the ACLU of New Hampshire, AFT-New Hampshire, DEI Administrators Christina Philibotte and Andres Mejia, and others sued Commissioner Frank Edelblut and other state officials challenging New Hampshire’s unconstitutional classroom censorship law, which discourages public school teachers from teaching and talking about race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and gender identity in the classroom. The state moved to dismiss this lawsuit and a hearing will be held on that motion on Wednesday September 14, 2022. NEA-NH has been fighting multiple bills, Moms for Liberty, and Commissioner Edelblut to ensure our students are taught an honest education. It is our shared belief […]