Concealed Weapons in our Schools. Does That Sound Like a Good Idea to You?

Governor Sununu said in last night’s debate that an adult should be able to carry a concealed weapon into our schools.

That’s wrong, and his policies make our schools less safe for our children and their educators.


We need to dramatically expand our focus on mental health. Proper diagnosis can and often starts in our schools, yet there is a huge shortage of school counselors, school social workers and school psychologists in public education.

We need more school-based health centers that diagnose and treat mental health disorders. It’s also important that access to mental health services is are a mandatory part of all healthcare coverage.

Our school facilities must be equipped with an updated structural and technological support foundation to help protect students and educators from danger. We must invest in school personnel to provide diagnostic and counseling services, such as counselors, school psychologists and nurses.

Our kids and communities deserve common sense laws that protect our safety—and that starts with ensuring that guns don’t end up in the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. We believe that everyone who wants to purchase a firearm should go through a background check, regardless of where they are purchasing the weapon.

We believe assault weapons and high capacity magazines are weapons of war that belong only in the hands of our military and law enforcement officers.

Walking into any school with a concealed weapon is a bad idea and the Governor should know better.