A society made stronger through world class public education

NH House Education: HB 272, HB 577, HB 578, HB 601, HB 626, HB 638, HB 435

LOB, Room 205-207

HB 272, Hearing 9:00 AM: Title: increasing chartered public school per pupil funding., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00009843/ HB 577, Hearing 11:15 AM: Title: relative to state aid for special education pupils., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010180/ HB […]

NH House ==REVISED==Executive Departments and Administration: HB 183, HB 193

LOB, Room 306

HB 183, Hearing 9:00 AM: Title: relative to employment of retired firefighters at the fire academy., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010901/ HB 193, Hearing 9:30 AM: Title: relative to administration of the New Hampshire retirement […]

NH House Executive Departments and Administration: HB 620

LOB, Room 306-308

HB 620, Hearing 1:30 PM: Title: establishing a department of early childhood education and relative to a pre-kindergarten pilot program., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010579/ Hearing

NH House Municipal and County Government: HB 295

LOB, Room 301-303

HB 295, Executive Session 10:30 AM: Title: relative to requiring all selectboard and school board meetings to be recorded and broadcast live online., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010319/ Executive Session