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NH Senate Education: SB 24, SB 25, SB 39

LOB, Room 101

SB 24, Hearing 9:00 AM: Title: relative to conferring degree-granting authority to the New England Aeronautical Institute., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010959/; Lists: NEA-NH 2023 Bills SB 25, Hearing 9:30 AM: Title: repealing a requirement […]

NH House Election Law: HB 101

LOB, Room 306-308

HB 101, Hearing 1:00 PM: Title: relative to requiring voters declare a party affiliation prior to a state primary election., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010795/ Hearing