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In the 21st Century, teaching foundational health concepts in a meaningful way is essential for students’ overall success. EVERFI provides free, digital programs that can help teach those important health concepts in an engaging way. This session will highlight EVERFI’s FREE digital resources surrounding topics like: healthy lifestyles and nutrition, mental health, alcohol education, and prescription drug abuse prevention. Teachers will see how technology can assist in learning these concepts, how to setup free teacher accounts, and how these programs fit within their scope and sequence for health.

Horace Mann was founded in 1945 by two Springfield, Illinois, teachers who saw a need for quality, affordable auto insurance for teachers. Since then, we’ve broadened our mission to helping all educators protect what they have today and prepare for a successful tomorrow. We’re motivated by the fact that educators take care of our children’s future, and we believe they deserve someone to look after theirs. We help educators identify their financial goals and develop plans to achieve them. This includes insurance to protect what they have today and financial products to help them prepare for their future. Our tailored offerings include special rates and benefits for educators. And we’ve created a suite of real, workable solutions to help you: reduce out-of-pocket classroom spending, get retirement ready and more.

iLearnNH is an initiative of the NH Department of Education, in conjunction with the University System of New Hampshire, whose mission is to connect teachers and students by providing a standard Learning Management System (LMS) platform for NH K-12 schools. Public, private, and charter K-12 schools in New Hampshire that opt into the program receive free access to the Canvas LMS by Instructure, the Kaltura platform for media hosting, and zoom video conferencing. Most importantly, the iLearnNH community is committed to supporting the work of teachers across the state of New Hampshire and promoting equity and learning continuity for students by providing teacher training, resource sharing, and professional development opportunities.
NH Department of Education / University System of New Hampshire

Media Power Youth’s mission is to provide curricula, training, and workshops to build young people’s media literacy knowledge and critical-thinking skills through hands-on, engaging programs. Our goal is to teach youth to consume and create media safely and responsibly, reaping all of its benefits while recognizing the influence it can have on their physical and mental health, decision making, and relationships.

Whether students are creating a music video, analyzing a film, or making a PSA about a cause they believe in, we give students the space to learn by doing and to become advocates for their communities, while also building their social-emotional wellbeing and critical-thinking skills. We also offer opportunities for students to have a voice about how technology habits can affect mental health and relationships, like our Youth Design Team, which will design educational experiences to prepare young people for the challenges they will likely encounter in digital spaces. You can learn more about this initiative at

At Nature Education Opportunities, our engaging and hands-on, nature-themed programs are designed to enhance your curriculum goals and spark your students’ natural curiosity. All of our programs are aligned with grade-level science standards and utilize an inquiry-based teaching approach to increase critical thinking skills, vocabulary awareness and understanding of science concepts. Simple mindfulness and easy stretching activities, using nature-themed exercises, are incorporated into every program. We believe a calm, focused mind is essential to social and emotional wellbeing and academic success. Founder Kelly Dwyer will bring science and nature programming to your classroom or train educators to prepare nature activities, outdoor learning opportunities, or mindfulness exercises to create a peaceful, balanced classroom. See the website for program choices.

New England College Graduate Education Programs
Pursue an education that’s grounded (in reality).

Our Master of Education and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) programs focus on development and leadership so that you can enhance your instruction and achieve greater classroom success. That begins by learning from dedicated faculty members who provide real solutions for your real-time needs and goals. 

Our long-standing tradition of preparing educators means we understand your needs are as unique as your students’. With manageable 7-week terms and online, asynchronous classes, you can set a schedule and pace that works for you. Take courses part time or full time to complete your program in 1.5 years or less. Our admission process is simple with no application fee or GMAT/GRE requirement. In addition to offering cost effective programs, we’ve partnered with the National Education Association of New Hampshire to offer members a 10% tuition discount on our MEd and CAGS programs. 

For more information, visit or contact Allyson Goldman at or 603.428-2333.

NH Farm to School offers programs and support for teachers, school administration, and school food service if they are interested in school garden programs, buying local food for school meals, or offering nutrition, food and agriculture education in the classroom. Programs and resources include NH Harvest of the Month, Indigenous Harvest Calendar, Farm to School Month, Summer Institute, NH School and Youth Garden network and more.

NHPBS provides a wealth of free educational multimedia resources to educators! You will find daily learning themes, lesson plans, professional development, classroom video and more at our Education website.

SchoolCare is a non-profit health plan covering public entities and school districts in NH. It was founded 25 years ago as a collaboration between labor and management including NEA-NH, NHSAA, NHSBO and NHSBA. SchoolCare partners with Cigna to offer high quality and innovative health plans that are rich in coverage and reasonably priced. Customer service is our hallmark, so please visit the link to learn more about SchoolCare.

Security Benefit: A Company You Can Count On

Our founding principles of wisdom, protection, and security complement a strategic focus built on the belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to achieve financial security. It’s been our legacy for more than 128 years and it’s one we’re proud of and determined to preserve. 

Few companies have been in business as long as we have. We attribute our longevity to a nimble business model and the unparalleled importance we place on our partnerships – with our clients, our network of financial professionals, our more than 2,000 associates worldwide, and the communities we live and work in. We specialize in serving employees in the education, corporate, banking, government, and health care markets as well as individual investors.

For more than 50 years, we’ve focused exclusively on the retirement savings market to help clients align their assets with their aspirations for a confident, comfortable retirement. However you define your future, our role at Security Benefit is to provide you with inventive, simplified savings solutions to support your goals.

Story Preservation Initiative produces original, age-appropriate fiction and nonfiction audio stories that are designed to capture students’ attention, inspire them, and open new pathways of creative and critical thought. We couple these stories with related, hands-on and standards-aligned lesson plans and projects that deepen student engagement for meaningful, real-world relevant learning. SPI is a free online resource, available to students, teachers, parents, and learners everywhere.

For SPI’s K-3 Storytelling project, Story Preservation works in collaboration with an ethnically and culturally diverse group of master storytellers to bring timeless fictional stories – fairytales, myths, folklore, and contemporary tales of enchantment – into K-3 classrooms and homes. SPI believes that timeless tales, when told by master storytellers, captivate young minds and spark imagination. Through their telling, young children come to know the magic and power of story, resulting in an increased interest and proficiency in language and literacy. SPI’s 4-12 Learning Lab brings our original primary source, non-fiction audio recordings of those of high achievement in the arts, sciences, and humanities together with related projects and lesson plans for use in 4-12 classrooms. Teachers use these real-world relevant stories to bring students into personal contact with the first-person narratives of extraordinary people who talk about not only what they have accomplished but also how and why. This direct contact seizes students’ imaginations and propels them into areas of substantive content.

“We gather for good around literacy and learning. We create products and opportunities that enrich, inspire, and nourish the mind, heart, and imagination. We believe stories are made to share. We transform lives – one story, one book, one family, one child at a time.”

PaperPie is a publishing company for engaging and educational children’s books and learning tools. Our products are highly interactive, with touchy-feely patches, flaps to lift, sounds and lights, internet links, and even STEM and activity kits! We have a passion for diversity and believe that children should be able to use their books as both mirrors and windows. There’s something for everyone, from infants through young adult novels, and even adult coloring books and nonfiction that the oldest of readers can enjoy!

Wise Little Readers: As a Brand Partner, I offer online gatherings through which hosts are rewarded with free and half-price products. I also serve as an Educational Services Representative, and I would love to talk with you about the possibility of bringing PaperPie to your school in the form of a book fair or book drive, through our grant-matching program, or with our unique fundraising program, Cards for a Cause!