A society made stronger through world class public education

NH Senate Education: HB 71, HB 170, HB 377, HB 435, HB 536

LOB, Room 101

HB 71, Hearing 09:00 AM: Title: repealing a department of education report on chartered public school funding., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010767/ HB 170, Hearing 09:15 AM: Title: requiring the teaching of cursive handwriting and […]

NH Senate Judiciary: HB 321

SH, Room 100

HB 321, Hearing 02:00 PM: Title: relative to minutes from nonpublic sessions under the right to know law., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010382/ Senate Standing Committee