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NH House Education: HB 514, HB 515, HB 530, HB 538, HB 572, HB 573, HB 649

LOB, Room 205-207

HB 514, Executive Session 09:30 AM: Title: relative to the dissemination of obscene material by schools and institutions of higher learning., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010438/ HB 515, Executive Session 09:30 AM: Title: relative to […]

NH House Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs: HB 368, HB 619

LOB, Room 206-208

HB 368, Executive Session 9:30 AM: Title: relative to protections related to receiving gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010080/ HB 619, Executive Session 9:30 AM: Title: prohibiting gender […]

NH House ==REVISED==Finance – Division I: HB 571

LOB, Room 212

HB 571, Division Work Session 09:30 AM (see bill docket): Title: relative to the cost of living adjustments for certain group II retirees in the New Hampshire retirement system., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010164/ […]