ED 306 Status: Lowering Our Education Standards is a Bad Idea

Nothing less than our students’ future depends on their schools meeting high expectations and having a comprehensive curriculum.

In 2020, the New Hampshire Department of Education (NHED) began updating the state’s Minimum Standards for Public School Approval (also known as the ED 306 Administrative Rules), that serve as the foundation for all of our public schools, in a process marked by secrecy and concerns about conflicts of interest. The draft revisions also include substantial changes that could undermine and destabilize New Hampshire’s public schools.

There have been deep concerns around the process for the revision of the minimum standards. The NHED contracted with a third party organization to draft an initial proposal.

There were no practicing teachers among the nine members of the workgroup. Members included one practicing school principal, one practicing school superintendent, an educational consultant, and representatives from the state’s virtual charter school, the NH School Boards Association, and the business community.