SB193 Hurts Real Kids in Real Need

The entire premise of a quality public education is based on the foundation of helping every child in every zip code.

When supporters of SB193 say the bill will help “kids in need,” it somehow seems to imply that poorer children are being charged to attend public school and just can’t afford it.

In fact, we, as a community, pay taxes to assure that all kids get a quality education for free.  SB193, and all the other so-called “School Choice” bills, seeks to divert the public money already in use to provide a free education to the children of our state, to pay for tuition at private and religious schools.

This bill actually hurts real kids in real need by robbing public schools of the funds they need to provide them a free education. Then it goes after the wallets of their parents by passing on a $99 million tax increase to our towns and school districts to pay for private school tuition.

Governor Sununu, how many kids in real need have to pay for someone else’s choice to attend private school?  Are you really asking us to balance the cost of your political and ideological preference for private schools on the backs of real kids in real need?

SB193 hurts real kids in real need. It’s been amended more than 6 times. It was voted on and it failed. Our kids deserve better, and the state can’t afford it. Leave SB193 where it belongs – in interim study.

Urge your Representative to respect the vote and leave SB193 in Interim Study