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NH House Criminal Justice and Public Safety: HB 291

LOB, Room 202-204

HB 291, Hearing 12:00 PM: Title: relative to false reports to certain departments., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010372/; Lists: NEA-NH 2023 Bills Hearing

NH House Criminal Justice and Public Safety: HB 302

LOB, Room 202-204

HB 302, Hearing 10:45 AM: Title: relative to including education in the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the New Hampshire constitution for New Hampshire law enforcement., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010391/ […]

NH Senate Commerce: SB 100

SH, Room 100

SB 100, Hearing 9:30 AM: Title: relative to the payment of salaried employees., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010587/ Senate Standing Committee

NH Senate Education: SB 77, SB 109

LOB, Room 101

SB 77, Hearing 9:00 AM: Title: relative to changes in school placement for students., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010664/ SB 109, Hearing 9:30 AM: Title: relative to school safety and coordination with law enforcement., link: […]

NH House Election Law: HB 324, HB 195

LOB, Room 306-308

HB 324, Hearing 10:00 AM: Title: relative to campaign contributions and expenditures and making an appropriation therefor., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010000/ HB 195, Hearing 1:00 PM: Title: relative to the definition of political advocacy […]

NH House Ways and Means: HB 15, HB 100

LOB, Room 202-204

HB 15, Hearing 10:00 AM: Title: relative to the rate of the business enterprise tax., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010726/ HB 100, Hearing 2:00 PM: Title: to repeal the interest and dividends tax., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010805/ […]

NH House Finance: HB 129, HB 207, HB 332, HB 468, HB 541, HB 546

LOB, Room 210-211

HB 129, Hearing 1:15 PM: Title: relative to menstrual hygiene products in schools., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010819/ HB 207, Hearing 1:00 PM: Title: relative to school district unanticipated funds., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010916/ HB 332, Hearing […]

NH Senate Judiciary: SB 117

SH, Room 100

SB 117, Hearing 1:35 PM: Title: relative to the definition of a "child" for the purpose of negligent storage of firearms., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010384/ Senate Standing Committee

NH House Education: HB 272, HB 577, HB 578, HB 601, HB 626, HB 638, HB 435

LOB, Room 205-207

HB 272, Hearing 9:00 AM: Title: increasing chartered public school per pupil funding., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00009843/ HB 577, Hearing 11:15 AM: Title: relative to state aid for special education pupils., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010180/ HB […]

NH House ==REVISED==Executive Departments and Administration: HB 183, HB 193

LOB, Room 306

HB 183, Hearing 9:00 AM: Title: relative to employment of retired firefighters at the fire academy., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010901/ HB 193, Hearing 9:30 AM: Title: relative to administration of the New Hampshire retirement […]

NH House Executive Departments and Administration: HB 620

LOB, Room 306-308

HB 620, Hearing 1:30 PM: Title: establishing a department of early childhood education and relative to a pre-kindergarten pilot program., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010579/ Hearing

NH House Municipal and County Government: HB 295

LOB, Room 301-303

HB 295, Executive Session 10:30 AM: Title: relative to requiring all selectboard and school board meetings to be recorded and broadcast live online., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010319/ Executive Session

NH House Criminal Justice and Public Safety: HB 560

SH, Room Reps Hall

HB 560, Hearing 9:45 AM: Title: establishing a contact person notification program to assist law enforcement personnel who have contact with a person with mental or physical disabilities and making an […]

NH House Judiciary: HB 362, HB 396, HB 533

LOB, Room 206-208

HB 362, Hearing 11:15 AM: Title: relative to complaint procedures in cases before the commission for human rights., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010027/ HB 396, Hearing 4:00 PM: Title: relative to state recognition of biological […]

NH House Municipal and County Government: HB 51, HB 293, HB 312, HB 313

LOB, Room 301-303

HB 51, Hearing 10:40 AM: Title: relative to requiring towns and school districts use warrant articles for lobbying agents., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010747/ HB 293, Hearing 2:00 PM: Title: allowing a town to appropriate […]

NH House Finance: HB 50, HB 555

LOB, Room 210-211

HB 50, Hearing 2:00 PM: Title: relative to payment by the state of a portion of retirement system contributions of political subdivision employers., link: https://fastdemocracy.com/bill/nh/2023/bills/NHB00010749/ HB 555, Hearing 3:00 PM: Title: appropriating […]