Derry Educators Utilize Scott McGilvray Children’s Fund to Break Down Barriers to Student Learning

For 25 years, Alicia Triplett has worked in the Derry School District to support families and kids so they can come to school and take advantage of their education. As a Home/School Coordinator, she knows sometimes there are barriers in the way – and it’s her job to help break those down. 

At any given time, Triplett has 100 cases open from kindergarten to eighth grade in the four Derry schools she serves. Triplett says there are many community organizations that work to support students, but not every need can be met. In the recent past, her colleague, Lee Holder, brought the Scott McGilvray Children’s Fund (SMCF) to her attention. Since then, she has used it as a critical stopgap measure when other partnerships can’t step in.

“I’m very grateful for what the Fund does for our students,” said Triplett, who is a member of Derry Education Association.

The Scott McGilvray Children’s Fund was created by NEA-NH in 1996 to assist children with emergency stopgap measures because their physical, social, or emotional needs should never stand in the way of classroom success. Through member donations and fundraising events, SMCF has distributed over $150,000 in grants to provide public school students with items and services needed – like glasses, clothing, medical care, transportation, and school supplies. 

Triplett said that she saw a large increase in need during the pandemic.

“COVID took a big toll in lots of different ways on our kids and families,” Triplett said. “That’s when I really saw an uptick in need as far as food as just supplies for the house, like toilet paper and Tylenol. Things like that, that can be taken for granted.”

To request assistance from the Children’s Fund for a child in need, use the simple Online Request Form found here.

To support the Scott McGilvray Children’s Fund, click here.