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The Christa McAuliffe Sabbatical Awards a Year-long Leave of Absence to an Exceptional NH Public School Teacher

Do you know a teacher with a great idea about education? Each year the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Christa McAuliffe Sabbatical program awards a year-long leave of absence to an exceptional New Hampshire public school teacher. The sabbatical provides the teacher with the time, space and funding to explore, through a self-designed project, new ideas and ways to enhance classroom teaching. This is a unique opportunity for a full-time classroom teacher and their school to gain statewide recognition for innovative approaches to classroom instruction.  Visit the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation website to learn more about the program requirements. The online […]

FACT SHEET: Navigating Your Student Debt

Every American, no matter what we look like or where we come from, deserves the opportunity to create a better life for ourselves and our families. And for millions of us, going to college was supposed to allow us the ability to decide our futures, not decades of debt. The Public Service Loan Forgiveness, PSLF, program was created in 2007 to forgive the remaining balance of federal student debt for public service workers, including teachers, higher education faculty, and education support professionals, who provide 10 years of public service while making 120 monthly payments on their federal student loans. NEA has prepared a useful fact […]

Are Your Ready to Lead? NEA-NH Filing Period Now Open

Filing Deadline is January 17, 2023 It’s no secret that public education in New Hampshire is under relentless attack. Are you ready to help lead the organization that is the biggest and loudest advocate for our schools, our students, and our members? NEA-NH is led and run by its members. Our Executive Board is made up of members who are elected by members in their region. NEA-NH policies and budgets are proposed, amended, and adopted by our members. Founded in 1854, the New Hampshire State Teachers Association became one of the “founding ten” state education associations that formed the National Education […]

Happy Education Support Professionals Day

Today we celebrate Education Support Professionals Day. Dear Members, ESPs hold a special place in the hearts of everyone in our school communities. If you ask any student about their day, they will likely have a story to share about the bus driver who gets them to and from school safely, the secretary who greets them every morning with a smile, the cafeteria worker who feeds them healthy meals at lunch, or the paraeducator who provides them with the space to learn and grow every day. These ESPs, and many more, work alongside other caring adults to help our students […]

To All Our Members, Happy American Education Week

Dear NEA-NH Members, Last year, at the start of American Education Week (AEW), I said that ‘unrelenting’ was the word that best described the situation we found ourselves in as New Hampshire public school educators. The angry pressure applied on our local elected officials by vocal and misinformed segments of our society, their continuous attacks on public education and those who provide it, and the bounty they placed on New Hampshire educators – were all unrelenting. I reminded you that one thing I knew for certain was to never, ever underestimate a New Hampshire educator. We’re fierce, resourceful, and always […]

Volunteer This Weekend to Help the Record Number of NEA-NH Current and Former Members Running For Office

There are 26 current and former NEA-NH members running for office this November, and they need your help. Educators deserve a place at the table when decisions are being made that impact public education. The experience educators have gained while working with students gives them a unique perspective when it comes to making education policy and setting budget priorities for their communities. Having members, and those who believe in the power of public education, in office means we are better able to advocate for our students and our profession.  You can help get them elected by volunteering this weekend to participate in […]