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10th Annual On Course Fore Kids! Golf Tournament

This year marks the 10th annual On Course Fore Kids Golf Tournament in support of the NH Foundation For Teaching and Learning Children’s Fund. The event will be held July 21 at Canterbury Woods Country Club. The tournament draws 80-90 golfers annually who come out for a day of fun, prizes and above all, support of NH kids. It is the Foundation’s largest event of the year and raises the majority of the Fund’s annual revenue. The NH Foundation for Teaching and Learning was established nearly 20 years ago as a resource for NEA-NH members. Today, the primary mission of

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Reaching Higher NH Offering Classroom Project Grants

Matching funds available for innovative classroom projects by Christina Pretorius New Hampshire’s public schools are one of our most precious civic assets. Reaching Higher NH brings together teachers, parents, community members, and businesses to support our schools, giving all New Hampshire children the opportunity to prepare for college, career, and civic life in the 21st century. We’re committed to high standards through engaging and exciting learning strategies, that put students at the center and incorporate real, authentic learning into student accountability. By coming together, we can advocate for our public

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Scott McGilvray Announces Bid for Senate

Experienced, solutions-driven leader makes bid for District 16 seat Veteran educator and former Memorial High School football coach Scott McGilvray announced his plans to run for the open District 16 Senate seat today. “I am running for the State Senate to deliver real results, so New Hampshire continues to be a great place to raise a family, start and expand NH businesses to create good paying jobs, and make sure our children receive a first-class education,” said McGilvray. “Whether as a teacher or football coach, I worked to help students and players achieve their highest potential, and as a State Senator, I will work to do the same for our great State.” A 25-year educator in Manchester, McGilvray has been working as an advocate for children his entire career. He

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NEA President: Every Child has the Right to Feel Safe, Welcomed and Valued

Educators welcome groundbreaking civil rights protections for transgender students in schools WASHINGTON—Today, the National Education Association, the nation’s largest professional association representing three million educators, enthusiastically welcomed the Obama administration’s guidance for school districts to help ensure the civil rights of transgender students. The following statement can be attributed to NEA President Lily Eskelsen García: “Every student matters, and every child has the right to feel safe, welcomed, and valued in our schools. As educators, we are responsible for our students’ education and safety, including transgender students. We know that students are more likely to learn and succeed in safe, supportive environments. Unfortunately, as we have seen play out in places like North Carolina, politicians are playing games with the lives of children and teens who are seen as different

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Alton School Board Continues Backroom Tactics

After abruptly ending the last public school board meeting without setting a new meeting date, the Alton School Board has decided to convene April 25th and has posted the agenda. At issue is whether there was a meeting or other communication including only three school board members and the superintendent held to decide on April 25th as a meeting date. The two newest school board members were not notified of – or included in – that meeting, nor was the public. With only the input of the superintendent and the three school board members, a meeting date was selected that neither of the newest board members can attend. “It seems to parents, teachers, and other stakeholders that this board’s continuing backroom tactics clearly prove they are only interested in their

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More than 290 Attend Spring Instructional Conference

NEA-NH hosted our annual Spring Instructional Conference this past Saturday (April 2, 2016) at Concord High School!  With 293 registrants and approximately 120 other partners and friends of education – presenters, vendors, and members of the Department of Education – participants learned about 19 organizations that can assist education professionals in their work for New Hampshire’s children.  President Scott McGilvray led the keynote address, encouraging all in attendance to work together collaboratively, changing mindsets and breaking down barriers as we go. Informative workshops were led by Reaching Higher New Hampshire (which brings together NH educators and businesses to support public education), the NH Bureau of Public Health Protection, McGregor Memorial Ambulance (who provides CPR classes for us at very inexpensive rates), the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and NH Agriculture in the

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Recent Union Win Also an Unexpected Victory for Women

Tracy Sturdivant Co-director, Make It Work The Court’s recent decision (or rather indecision) on Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, which preserves unions’ ability to collect fees from teachers and government workers to help support the cost of collective bargaining, is an obvious victory for unions. What’s less obvious is that it’s a victory for women, too. And the reason why might surprise you. Women make up nearly half of the nation’s union membership. In addition to having higher wages and more benefits than non-union workers, including a higher likelihood of having paid family and medical leave and paid sick days, women in unions also see a smaller wage gap with their male counterparts. We’ve all seen the stats on equal pay. On average, women make 79 cents to every white

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Forever Grateful for Paraprofessionals

By John Edmondson, Hampstead Middle School Mar 31, 2016 Originally posted by the Derry News I wonder what my mother thought of my sixth-grade report card as she perused it back in 1968. Did scores of little red flags flap as she read that her youngest son, in terms of showing initiative, “needs to improve”? Apparently I was not a fan of Virginia history, at least the way it was taught at Madison Elementary School. Though I remember feigning interest in the John Rolfe-Pocahontas hookup, my teacher, Mrs. Crane, wasn’t fooled. In the social studies/research and participation category, it was still a stark “needs to improve.” And I guess taking furtive peeks at MAD magazine, not so cleverly concealed inside the pages of my language arts workbook, didn’t impress good

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NEA-NH Welcomes Three New Keene State College Associations

Overwhelming Support Recorded in Tonight’s Votes NEA-New Hampshire is proud to welcome three new associations; Keene State College Administrative Staff Association (KSCASA), Keene State College Staff Association (KSCSA), and the Keene State College Directors and Supervisors Association (KSCDSA). These new associations join the Keene State College Adjuncts Association and the Keene State College Education Association as NEA-NH Members. “We are looking forward to helping the dedicated professionals of Keene State College preserve the campus community they value, and in advocating for a fair, collaborative and transparent working environment,” said Scott McGilvray, NEA-NH President. The more than 300 members represented by the new Associations join the more than 17,000 current NEA-NH members; the largest public employee union in the state. Members of the Keene State College Organizing Committee were also delighted

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