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2017 NEA-NH Election Candidate Statements

Voting for NEA–NH Director and Executive Board seats will take place between March 8 and 22, 2017. Positions up for election along with candidate statements and photos, when provided by the candidate, are listed below. Again this year, voting will be conducted online. It is vital that NEA-NH has a valid, current email address for you if you wish to participate in this year’s elections. Electronic ballots will be made available to members by March 8, 2017. Voting closes at 5:00 p.m. on March 22, 2017. Statewide Offices: Sharry Sparks

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Now They Want To Tell Us How To Pay Our Bills

We face a new challenge to our ability to effectively advocate for the 180,000 children in our public schools – the prohibition of payroll dues deduction. The bill, sponsored by Representatives, Hinch, Kurk, Packard, Chandler, Carr and Ohm states that “no public employer shall withhold union dues from a public employee’s wages. No other deductions are targeted by their bill. Only union dues. This legislation serves no purpose except to punish school employees and the unions that represent them. It creates no jobs, saves no money for school districts, and

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LOCKDOWN: The Assault on Public Education Has Begun

The assault on public education and collective bargaining has begun. With the loss of the Governor’s office last November, and the recent ratification of Betsy Devos as US Secretary of Education, the results could be devastating for New Hampshire public school students and educators. Ignoring the voices of over a million Americans, the Senate needed the Vice-president to cast the deciding vote, to approve DeVos, marking the first time in history such a move was required to confirm a cabinet post. With no experience as an educator or elected official, and despite a decades-long record of undermining public schools by promoting taxpayer-funded vouchers for private and religious schools, lobbyist and Republican donor Betsy DeVos is now the highest ranking education official in the country. In Michigan, DeVos fought for tax

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So-Called Right-to-Work Fails (Again)

Today, New Hampshire House members voted again to keep our state free from so-called Right-to-Work restrictions.  “Educator’s working conditions are our child’s learning conditions,” said Megan Tuttle acting NEA-NH President. “By weakening the ability of educators to advocate for students, kids across New Hampshire stood to lose things like smaller class sizes, safe classrooms and drinking water, up-to-date resources, and expanded curriculum choices. Our ability to advocate for every public-school student was preserved today.” “When out-of-state interests with pre-written legislation and lots of money try to set legislative priorities in New Hampshire, kids lose. Today’s vote prevented that from happening.” “The 17,000 members of NEA-New Hampshire extend our thanks to those voting against SB11 today, especially those members who stood strong against the pressure applied by the majority leadership on this

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NEA-NH Deeply Disappointed With Edelblut Confirmation

NEA-NH is deeply disappointed with today’s vote from the Executive Council confirming Governor’s Sununu’s choice to head the education department, Frank Edelblut.   “Like DeVos, Edelblut has no experience or interaction with the public education system of New Hampshire. Overseeing a state department of education requires an in-depth knowledge of how public schools are governed, how they are managed, and the challenges employees in public schools face. Mr. Edelblut possesses no such knowledge or experience. Other than overseeing the management functions of the employees under his direct supervision, the business skills Mr. Edelblut possess are not transferable to ensuring our children’s educational experience is exceptional. Our children’s futures are too important to rely on someone who cannot hit the ground running on day one, said Megan Tuttle, NEA-NH Vice President.

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NOTICE: Proposed Changes to the NEA-NH Bylaws

The following changes to the NEA-NH Bylaws are submitted by the Resolutions and Constitution Revision Committee, according to the procedures established in the Bylaws. Delegates will vote on the proposed amendments at the Assembly of Delegates annual meeting on Friday, March 17, 2017. Current bylaw language is set in roman type. Proposed new language is set in boldface italics. Language to be deleted is struck through. 1. ARTICLE II. MEMBERSHIP Amend paragraph 8 of Article II as follows: 8. Member Dues Adjustment: The Executive Board may adjust member(s) dues on appeal by the member or the LEA Local Education Association (LEA). (2016)(2017) Rationale: This change makes clear reference to “LEA.” 2. ARTICLE III. DUES TRANSMITTAL POLICY Amend Article III to insert a new paragraph 5 and renumber the remaining paragraphs.

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Senate Approves Unqualified Secretary of Education

The U.S. Senate approved Betsy DeVos, the embattled pick to lead the U.S. Department of Education. Educators across the nation spearheaded the opposition initially but the chorus against her nomination quickly mushroomed and took on a life of its own immediately following her confirmation hearing. “Mrs. DeVos’ clearly lacks even a basic understanding of federal education policy, laws, and instructional practices. She has no relevant experience. There is just no way I would ever be certified to instruct students in New Hampshire if I lacked as much knowledge and experience in my field. But she gets to be the nation’s chief educator. How is this good for kids?” said Megan Tuttle, NEA-New Hampshire Vice-president. NEA’s historic campaign rallied parents, students, educators, civil rights groups, and other public education advocates-both Republicans

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RELEASE: Senate Limits Employees’ Ability to Advocate With Passage of SB-11

Joint Statement of the leaders of New Hampshire AFL-CIO and its affiliates, the National Education Association of New Hampshire, the State Employees Association, the New Hampshire Carpenters, and the New Hampshire Teamsters following the Senate passage of so-called “Right-to-Work” legislation Concord – Today the New Hampshire Senate passed the so-called “Right-to-Work” bill. This bill is not about improving New Hampshire’s economy or increasing the freedoms of any worker in the Granite State. Instead it is an attack on all working families by special interests seeking to lower wages for everyone and undermine worker protections. This bill is designed to do one thing and one thing only: limit employees’ ability to advocate on behalf of what’s best for their families and communities. This bill will silence the teachers who advocate on

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NEA-NH Response to Edelblut Nomination

Governor Chris Sununu is reportedly set to tap former one-term State Representative Frank Edelblut as New Hampshire Commissioner of Education. Best known for his divisive statements in the legislature and during his brief run for the Republican nomination for governor last year, Edelblut is one of New Hampshire’s most extreme opponents of a strong public education system. NEA-NH Vice-president Megan Tuttle provided the following response to the nomination: “We all—parents, educators, officials, community leaders—share the responsibility for the success of students. We must all ask ourselves what we can do in our respective roles to make our schools better for kids and help to ensure their success. For educators, that means reaching and motivating every student. For parents, that means instilling values of respect, responsibility and a love of learning.

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