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Unite Against Hate

Resources for students, educators, and families to address and engage in the national dialogue about racism, hate, and bias in the wake of recent events in Charlottesville. Together we must foster safe spaces to move towards justice in education. “Hate, violence, and racism have no place on our campuses or our cities. We are powerful in our diversity.” – NEA President Lily Eskelsen García In the wake of the recent events in Charlottesville, NEA’s Centers for Communications and Social Justice have pulled together a variety of resources for educators, parents,

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NEA-NH’s Postcards to the Commissioner Campaign

NEA-NH members wrote postcards to Education Commissioner Edelblut describing how they make a difference every day. Before becoming Commissioner of the Department of Education, Frank Edelblut had never set foot in a public school.  Now that he is in his new job, it is important that he understand just what being a public-school employee is all about.  Educators from across New Hampshire took the time to write a short postcard to the Commissioner describing in a sentence or two just one positive impact they made that day. “The real value

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The company that provided service for and hosted the NEA-NH App has gone out of business. In the short term this means that the NEA-NH is no longer live. Please DELETE the NEA-NH App from your devices. A new version of the app is under construction and will be available shortly. We will let you know as soon as the new app is available.


Open Letter to NH Senators and Reps: Please Support Full-day Kindergarten

Waiting Only Hurts Their Futures Dear NH Representative/Senator On behalf of the 17,000 members of NEA-New Hampshire, I am writing you today to ask you to support the Committee of Conference report on SB 191, increasing funding for those communities that have full day kindergarten. To be clear, SB 191 as amended by the Committee of Conference, is not perfect. NEA-New Hampshire has always, and will always continue, to advocate that full day kindergarten be funded in full in the same manner as all other grades. However, NEA-NH also recognizes sometimes you have to compromise in the process of getting to your ultimate goal. SB 191 is just such a compromise. Yes, it does not guarantee full funding of kindergarten, and yes, the funding mechanism is not necessarily the one

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2017 Excellence In Education Awards Ceremony

NEA-NH President Megan Tuttle presented EDie Awards to the winners of the School Nurse of the Year and one of the four winners of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching at this year’s EDie award ceremony on June 10. The New Hampshire School Nurses’ Association selected Barbara J. Kelly, R.N. as the 2017 School Nurse of the Year. “Kelly represents excellence in school nursing as demonstrated through her kind, compassionate and proactive approach to student care. She is a leader and learner, and is highly respected by her students and colleagues,” Tuttle announced before presenting the award to Barbara Kelly. The purpose of the New Hampshire Excellence in Education Awards Program, EDies, is to recognize New Hampshire schools and individuals who meet high standards of excellence.

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Betsy DeVos Compares School Choice Critics To ‘Flat-Earthers’

No other name for it. When she says “choice” she means vouchers. And the cuts to pay for them are devastating. Kate Abbey-Lambertz HuffPost•May 23, 2017 Opponents of school choice policies are akin to “flat-earthers” who are fighting innovation in education, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said Monday night. DeVos gave a speech praising President Donald Trump’s plans for the “most ambitious expansion of education choice in our nation’s history ― a day before his administration released a budget proposal that would slash Education Department funding by more than $9 billion. “The time has expired for ‘reform.’ We need a transformation ― a transformation that will open up America’s closed and antiquated education system,” DeVos said at the American Federation for Children’s annual National Policy Summit in Indianapolis. “Defenders of

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