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Calling All Aspiring Educators

 Aspiring Educators
NEA-NH can assist you on your journey to become a teacher
. We provide resources to help your planning and build your classroom, networking with other educators, and legal protection when you step into a classroom.   Learn more about the NEA Aspiring Educators Program 

NEA-NH Budget Hearing Schedule Announced

NEA-NH will be holding proposed budget hearings on the following dates at the following locations. There are eight (8) meetings scheduled this year as the Southern Region and the South Central Region will be combined. Delegates are welcome to attend any, and as many, budget hearings as they would like. Please just be sure to RSVP to the appropriate UniServ Assistant by the dates indicated to allow us to accommodate meals and seating. This is your chance to comment on the budget proposal that will be voted on during the

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Is That Mason The Moose?

In case you haven’t heard, Mason is a Moose on the Loose in NH!! Moose on the Loose is a new curriculum for upper elementary students focusing on state history, civics, economics, and geography developed by the NH Historical Society in conjunction with educators across NH. The website is unit based allowing you to teach all of the units or just a few, and includes student and educator material available for use for free. You can find explainer videos and virtual field trips on the site as well. There are

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Today we celebrate National Education Support Professionals (ESP) Day.

Each year, we set aside the Wednesday of American Education Week, to celebrate and express our gratitude to the Education Support Professionals who make New Hampshire public schools such great places to learn. Education Support Professionals work tirelessly to serve our children and communities with care and professionalism. They are often the first to arrive at school and among the last to leave for the day. This school year, NEA-NH is embarking on a program to make the public aware of the hard work and the value of our ESP members. Until voters recognize what ESP do every day to help their children succeed, they will continue to be under appreciated, underpaid, and over worked. Our hope is that through education, people will come to better understand the crucial role

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Charter Grant Has Far Too Many Unanswered Questions

NEA-NH President Megan Tuttle released the following statement today: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Yet, this is exactly what we have come to expect from programs and initiatives championed by our education commissioner, Frank Edelblut. First it was the hype and misdirection surrounding his “Learn Everywhere” rules. Now it’s his “look I found $46 million for our charter schools with no strings attached” plan. Let’s be clear: the money Commissioner Edelblut is peddling from Betsy DeVos will cost New Hampshire far more than $46 million over five years and will do nothing to help the overwhelming majority of students in our state. If, as the commissioner says, there are no strings attached to this money, then why has the grant application for the funds

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Top 10 Ways to Support Undocumented Students

When supporting undocumented students, it’s important to know that there won’t be a single answer or path for all students. Support requires ongoing investigation and collaboration with other service providers and community leaders. Educators for Fair Consideration has produced the Top 10 Ways to Support Undocumented Students flyer to assist educators who work with undocumented young people. About Educators for Fair Consideration: Founded in 2006, Educators for Fair Consideration supports undocumented young people in realizing their academic and career goals and actively contributing to society. We offer holistic programming that addresses their financial, legal, career, and emotional health needs. Specifically, we provide scholar­ships, legal services, professional and personal development workshops, and a strong peer network. We also lead presentations and create education­al materials to raise awareness and support nationwide. Our

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Saugus School Shooting Cannot Be Just Another School Day in America

There was a shooting at another high school in America today. Our schools should be the safest place a child can be. Unfortunately, that seems far from reality. “We do not need to debate one day longer on why mass killings take place in America. We’ve seen far too many people killed in schools, in houses of worship, in malls, at movie theaters and stores. We know killers commit these violent acts because they have far too easy access to lethal weapons,” said Megan Tuttle, NEA-NH President. “New Hampshire has been fortunate to have been spared the agony of identifying educators and student victims and notifying their families that their loved ones will not be coming home.”   “Earlier this year, Governor Chris Sununu vetoed three bills which would have

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