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Calling All Aspiring Educators

Aspiring Educators
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Labor Movement Comes Back Big After ‘Janus’

In January, Virginia teacher Nicole Loch attended a #RedForEd rally at the statehouse in Richmond. She arrived on a charter bus sponsored by the Fauquier Education Association (FEA), even though Loch had never joined the union—a decision she had resisted for 11 years.“It was a bus full of other educators from my county,” says Loch, a civics teacher at Auburn Middle School in Warrenton. “When I got to Richmond, I saw the power of mobilization and strength in numbers,” she says. “I knew then I needed to join.” Loch marched

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The Floor is Yours

If you could ask the presidential candidates one question, what would it be? Help us draw attention to the challenges facing public education by telling us what matters most to you, your students, and your community. Hundreds of thousands of educators have taken action in the past two years alone. The power of this union and our members has been on full display in cities and states across the country. And now we are taking this activism and ground game to the 2020 campaign where educators will play a major

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Housing and Schools: How Educators can Help Students

Quick! Do housing and land use policies come to mind when you think about what’s necessary for all students to learn to their fullest potential? If you’re like most people, probably not. But housing and land use policies, concludes a new report, have a “significant effect on schools” and can “affect enrollment trends, concentrations of poverty and school diversity, school funding, stability of enrollment vs. ‘churning’ of students, and [the] ability of students to complete their homework and focus during the school day.”

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The Virtue of Patience in the Classroom

Erika Fehr, a general elementary school paraeducator in Helena, MT, talks about the virtue of patience and keeping that tranquil mindset in the classroom. Don’t forget to subscribe to the School Me podcast so that you’ll never miss an episode! NEA School Me Podcasts New to education? This podcast brings you advice from educators who have been there, done that. Get classroom management tips, lesson plan ideas, and other life-hacks to help inspire your career. Life Hacks, Tips, and Advice for New EducatorsNEA is dedicated to helping educators at every stage of their career. The new School Me series is made specifically with new and early educators in mind. We know those first few years can be extremely challenging, so we’re sitting down with accomplished educators to discuss their unique techniques and

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Compare the Candidates

Get Involved, Starting Today Right now, candidates are deciding which issues they’ll run on. Let’s make sure public education is at the top of their agenda. In an effort to ensure our members can learn about the candidates’ positions on key issues, we have developed an interactive candidate comparison tool. The weight of the 2020 election is not light. We are choosing more than the next president. We are defining who we are as a people. We are determining the values and principles at the soul of the country. This will be at the center of this election and we cannot take this choice…this responsibility lightly.

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Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser Ready to Tee Off

13th Annual On Course Fore Kids set for July 25 at Canterbury Woods. “I would like to thank you for your generous donation towards my lunch bill. I’d never be able to express how thankful I am for your help. It has been a struggle for me and my parents, your donation took a huge weight off of our shoulders. Thank you” This inspiring quote above was from a thank you letter we received from a student who was a recipient of SMCF financial assistance. Financial assistance that was a result of the fund-raising we do throughout the year so we can help students like the one who wrote that note. The Scott McGilvray Children’s Fund (SMCF), NEA-NH’s charitable foundation, provides goods and services to your students who would not

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