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NEA: Repealing the Affordable Care Act Will Harm Millions of Students and Families

Repeal will force cuts to critical programs for ordinary Americans WASHINGTON – March 08, 2017 – WASHINGTON—NEA President Lily Eskelsen García issued the following statement regarding the Republican leadership plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). “It’s time for the Republican leadership to come clean with the American people. Repealing the ACA will harm our students and their families by forcing cuts to critical programs, reducing financial support for lower-income Americans, and taxing the middle class. Bottom line, working Americans will pay more for less coverage while insurance executives

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Now They Want To Tell Us How To Pay Our Bills

We face a new challenge to our ability to effectively advocate for the 180,000 children in our public schools – the prohibition of payroll dues deduction. The bill, sponsored by Representatives, Hinch, Kurk, Packard, Chandler, Carr and Ohm states that “no public employer shall withhold union dues from a public employee’s wages. No other deductions are targeted by their bill. Only union dues. This legislation serves no purpose except to punish school employees and the unions that represent them. It creates no jobs, saves no money for school districts, and

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LOCKDOWN: The Assault on Public Education Has Begun

The assault on public education and collective bargaining has begun. With the loss of the Governor’s office last November, and the recent ratification of Betsy Devos as US Secretary of Education, the results could be devastating for New Hampshire public school students and educators. Ignoring the voices of over a million Americans, the Senate needed the Vice-president to cast the deciding vote, to approve DeVos, marking the first time in history such a move was required to confirm a cabinet post. With no experience as an educator or elected official, and despite a decades-long record of undermining public schools by promoting taxpayer-funded vouchers for private and religious schools, lobbyist and Republican donor Betsy DeVos is now the highest ranking education official in the country. In Michigan, DeVos fought for tax

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My Union Experience: Standing Strong for Education for More Than 150 Years

This legislative session is shaping up to be a challenging one. Now more than ever, our collective strength will enable us to serve the needs of our students and members. During the 2016 Campaigns we heard our candidates speak out eloquently in support of public education and labor unions. We also heard the same anti-labor, anti-teacher, anti-public education rhetoric. Sadly, many of those supporting these views have won office. We know that our union experience is far different than the cliches, scapegoating, and name-calling. My union experience starts with recognizing and supporting the mission of my school – delivering the best possible educational experience for our students, supporting all those that make that experience possible, and, since we are a public institution, advocating for legislative support at the local, state

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Professional Development Activity Update

NEA-NH’s Public Education & School Support (PESS) Happenings by Dr. Irv Richardson and Ally Snyder Summer Leadership Week NEA-NH hosted an excellent week of trainings, August 1-5, 2016, offering 29 classes to 119 members – some of whom attended workshops during each day of the leadership week. Many of the classes were presented by our own staff and board members. Though four classes were cancelled due to low class registrations, we added two Grievance Processing sessions as well as an entire day (August 22) of Collective Bargaining training because the need for those workshops was overwhelming! We believe this is due to a successful 36-participant Jim Sweeney Leadership Academy (where we orient new association leaders) and the powerful energy of many newly-formed locals (Litchfield, Keene, Andover, etc.). We continue to

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The Plan to Gut Public Education

With the election of Donald Trump as president public educators are bracing for the worst. He wants to redirect federal funds toward school vouchers—and his choice of education secretary shows he’s serious. His selection for Education Secretary, billionaire Betsy DeVos, has no education degree or teaching experience, has never attended a public school or sent her children to one, and supports the funding of for-profit schools over public ones. Trump rolled out his $20 billion school voucher plan on the campaign trail. The proposal would redirect huge swaths of the federal education budget away from school districts and toward low-income parents, allowing them to spend a voucher at a public or private school of their choice, potentially including for-profit, virtual, and religious schools. His voucher plan could be a windfall

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