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NEA-NH can assist you on your journey to become a teacher. We provide resources to help your planning and build your classroom, networking with other educators, and legal protection when you step into a classroom.
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New Hampshire is a better place thanks to our friend, Katherine Rogers

Today, NEA-NH remembers the life of Katherine Rogers, our friend and tireless, fiery defender of public education.  Through good days and bad, Kathy steadfastly worked to fulfill the promise of public education and break down the barriers of inequality. Kathy believed in children and in the educators who dedicate their careers to helping them succeed. She knew that public education is the gateway to opportunity, and students across the state knew they could always count on her to defend their human and civil right to a quality public education that

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4-Legged SEL: Therapy Dogs Are Social and Emotional

By Laura Wheeler, Nottingham School Meet Winnie the therapy dog! Nottingham School’s newest staff member and SEL advocate, who happens to have four legs and doesn’t speak…. but he does listen quite well. This furry friend has been an integral part of our SEL efforts at Nottingham School during the 2021-2022 school year. One thing is certain for schools as we emerge from the pandemic: we need opportunities to foster human connection, and to prioritize the mental health and wellness of our students and staff. Humans are social beings that

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NEA-NH President: HB 1393 is nonsensical, rigid, undemocratic and dangerous

NEA-New Hampshire President Megan Tuttle offered testimony today in opposition to HB 1393, a bill that would inflict Croydon-like damage on every school district in the state. Her testimony appears below: Dear Chairman Gray and Honorable members of the Senate Election Law and Municipal Affairs Committee, My name is Megan Tuttle, President of NEA-NH, and I have the honor of representing more than 17,000 educators across our state who have gone to extraordinary lengths over the last 2 years to meet the countless challenges this pandemic has presented them so they can deliver the best education possible to the people who matter most to them, our students. Today, I am writing to express our opposition to HB 1393, relative to the adoption of school budget caps. We are opposed to

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Spring Home and Yard Cleaning and Donation Checklist

While we’ve been shut in our homes for months, many people have taken the opportunity to clean, organize, and purge. Before stowing your supplies, go through the checklists below to finish your spring cleaning (inside and out) before the lazy days of summer hit. You’ll also find tips for recycling or donating items like clothing, shoes, housewares and even leftover paint! Spring Cleaning Indoors You know the drill: dust and wipe down all surfaces. Vacuum and mop floors; clean carpets and rugs as needed. Disinfect light switch covers, doorknobs, and handles throughout your home. Expert tip: clean one room at a time before moving to the next. And try to hit these extras—they’ll make a huge difference: Kitchen. Organize pantry and cupboards. Defrost and clean the freezer. Toss expired food.

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Spring Car Cleaning and Car Care Checklist

While we’ve all had some extra time at home to tidy up our houses and yards, we can’t forget about our vehicles! It feels like forever since we’ve been out and about on the road, and we’ve really missed our cars. Although we aren’t driving nearly as often right now, we will be soon, and that’s why it’s important to make sure our cars are clean and running properly. Make sure your car is in prime condition for safe and more frequent use by following our interior and exterior Spring Cleaning Car Care Checklist: Cleaning the Interior Remove Trash: Cars fill up quickly when you have kids and are always on the go: receipts, water bottles, wrappers, etc. Make sure the first thing you do is pick up all the

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Preparing for Spring Storms

Unpredictable weather is a trademark of spring:  73° and deliciously sunny one day, and 41° and torrential rain the next. Spring storms have the potential to wreak havoc on your home and property, but with the right preparation, you can be sure that your home and family are ready to withstand the worst of it. Follow these preparation tips to be sure you are spring storm-ready: Be Weather Aware — You can sign up for a number of free weather alert services provided by national or local agencies, weather channels, and power companies. Usually, alerts come to your phone via text message or app, but many have multiple delivery methods. And remember, radio is the old standby, especially in a power outage (so set your emergency radio to the correct

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