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Until voters recognize what ESP do every day to help their children succeed, they will continue to be under appreciated, underpaid, and over worked. Our hope is that through education, people will come to better understand the crucial role ESP play in the lives of their children and be willing to give them the pay and benefits ESP deserve.

We are asking you and you members to tell us your priorities, your stories, what you face every day in your schools, and what message you want us to deliver to the public to educate voters. This feedback will guide us in making this campaign a success.

ESP Educate and Elevate Survey

Your Partner. Your Advocate. Your Association.
Our public schools are communities. And we know that our students will not succeed without the hard work performed by all education employees regardless of one’s job description or title.

NEA-NH believes that our ESP members have for too long been underappreciated for the work they do for their students. Your input will help us change that.

Education Support Professionals Issues Committee

Composed of eleven NEA-NH members, the ESP Committee’s job is to advise the President and Executive Board of ESP concerns and issues.  Please let us know what concerns, issues, questions, and information you want us to bring to the governance of NEA-NH.  We want to hear from you! 

The ESP Committee meets monthly and provides reports to the NEA-NH Executive Board.  Contact the Committee by e-mailing or calling our staff liaison, Nicole Argraves at nargraves@nhnea.org or at 603-593-0088.

ESP: History and Background

Education Support Professionals: An essential part of One Education Workforce
In early 2009, Education Support Professional (ESP) membership in the National Education Association topped half a million, reflecting a 3200% growth since we gained full membership status in 1980.

Education Support Professionals were first recognized as Association members in 1967, when “Educational Secretaries” received membership. A category for “Auxiliary Personnel,” or paraprofessionals, was added in 1972. “Educational Support Personnel”—encompassing all non-teaching education employees— was established as a separate membership category in 1980. ESP won a position on the NEA Board of Directors in 1983, and we continued to expand our representation in governance throughout the 1980s.

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Portion of 2018-2019 NEA-NH Dues Dollars Not Tax Deductible

The Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993 eliminated the individual federal income tax deduction for lobbying expenses paid or incurred as part of membership dues. This affects only those members who itemize deductions and meet the two-percent minimum requirement for additional miscellaneous deductions. Those members will not be able to deduct that portion of the NEA–NH 2018-19 union dues attributable to lobbying. The non-deductible portion of the dues for 2018-2019 is 9.68% or $44.54 for a full-time teacher.

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Newmarket Support Staff Builds Better Wages and Benefits

My name is Pam Young and I am a paraprofessional in the Newmarket School District and President of the Newmarket Support Staff, which includes paraprofessionals and tutors. I became a paraprofessional in Newmarket eight years ago, so I could help children in my town and work hours that coincided with my own kids’ schedules. Working in the district, and being a parent of three children in the same district, gave me insight into what the support staff do every day for kids. This work is challenging and paraprofessionals and tutors

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NEA-NH Applauds Fiscal Committee Vote to Reject Charter Grant

NEA-New Hampshire applauds the vote of the fiscal committee this morning to reject the $46 million grant Education Commissioner Edelblut planned to use to double the number of charter schools in New Hampshire. “Cashing Betsy DeVos’ $46 million check obligated New Hampshire taxpayers to coming up with new long term funding for years to come, jeopardizing our neighborhood public schools,” said Megan Tuttle, NEA-NH President. “We support efforts to increase charter accountability and slow the diversion of resources from neighborhood public schools to charters.” “The first five years for a

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Colebrook Support Staff Votes to Join NEA-NH

Colebrook’s thirty paraprofessionals, custodians, maintenance workers, secretaries and administrative assistants recently voted to organize and affiliate with NEA-New Hampshire, joining the majority of school support personnel in the North Country. Support staff began their effort this fall, talking with their colleagues and circulating petition cards to call for an election to organize with NEA-NH. Leaders collected more than the required number of signatures needed for an election, so the New Hampshire Public Employee Labor Relations Board (PELRB) held the election November 19 in the Colebrook School library. Staff voters approved

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