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April Wave of Action

All of our students deserve the tools and time to learn, but there is too much focus on standardized tests in schools today. We need more time to teach so our classrooms emphasize curiosity and one-on-one instruction, rather than testing, to inspire a lifelong love of learning.


Testing season is here and it’s time to stand up for learning, not testing! Join hundreds of other Locals and communities to create more Time to Teach, Time to Learn and bring back the joy of learning in the classroom.
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Testing News

Revolt Against High-Stakes Standardized Testing Growing — and So Does Its Impact

Students, teachers, principals, parents, superintendents and others are speaking out for the first time calling on policy-makers to roll back test-based school reform.

Parents and Educators to Lawmakers: Testing is Not Learning!

Across the country, NEA members and parents are sending the same message to legislators and policy makers: Too much classroom time is caught up in testing, testing, testing, testing, and more testing! Not enough is spent on learning.

Missouri Teacher Advocates for Less Testing, More Funding in ESEA Reauthorization

As Congress is working on reauthorization for the Elementary and Secondary Education act—also known as No Child Left Behind—educators like David Hope are sharing their experiences in the classroom to inform legislators on education policy.



For Educators

For Parents

Time to Teach, Time to Learn School Board Resolution

Use this to help end the overuse and misuse of standardized testing in your school district.

A Parent’s Guide to Testing at Your Child’s School

High-stakes tests are your business, too! Ask questions, get answers, and stay connected to the total evaluation of your child’s classroom performance.

Alternatives to Annual High-Stakes Standardized Testing

Statewide high-stakes assessments required by No Child Left Behind provide little value for the improvement of instructional practice. Here are alternative options.


Poll: Parents Want an End to the Testing Obsession

An overwhelming majority of parents (68 percent) do not believe that standardized tests help teachers know what to teach.

Effects of NCLB Test-Driven Accountability on Students

Learn how the No Child Left Behind era has impacted student learning.

 Help Your Child Do Well in School

Get resources and learn how families and educators can work together to ensure great public schools for all students.

For Organizers

Time to Teach Survey

Use this during one-on-one conversations to help identify issues and solutions to overuse and misuse of testing.