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Act Now to Keep NH Free From Vouchers

Betsy DeVos has made it a priority to greatly expand the use of public money for private and religious school tuition vouchers. Her plan has made it to the floor of the New Hampshire House of Representatives in the form of Senate Bill 193, or SB19. SB193 would rob millions of dollars from our public schools to be used as vouchers to pay private and religious school tuition.

Take the Pledge: Safe Learning Environments for Every Student

Schools should be havens. But right now, many of our students are scared, anxious, and feeling threatened. We are hearing from students and educators around the country who are encountering hostile, hateful environments in their schools and communities, with fake deportation notices being handed out and swastikas drawn in bathrooms. We are being flooded with reports of hate speech and images directed at students in our schools. Nooses. Racist graffiti. Threats to our LGBTQ students. Headscarves being torn off. Girls being assaulted. Children are hearing that they are not welcome

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Setting ‘Macbeth’ in Syria, Sanborn Students Find Parallels That Span Centuries

By TODD BOOKMAN, nhpr Listen to the story on nhpr This year marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare. Theater groups around the world are honoring the Bard’s work with traditional and updated stagings of his plays. That includes a new performance of “Macbeth” at Sanborn Regional High School in Kingston. There, students are re-imagining the centuries-old tragedy, setting the work in the one of today’s most pressing humanitarian disasters — Syria. “Macbeth” is a story of ambition, of a main character who uses violence to assume the

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Saying ‘Thank You’ on National Education Support Professionals Day

Today we celebrate National Education Support Professionals (ESP) Day. Across the nation, ESP will be recognized for the critical role they play in educating the whole student, ensuring they are safe, healthy and supported so they can learn and reach their full potential. In celebration of National ESP Day and the ESP careers that are essential to student success, NEA created a new video: Education Support Professionals: Meeting the Needs of the Whole Student. Through the eyes of Sofi, a middle school student, we see how ESP make a difference in Sofi’s life and the lives of all students, both in and out of the classroom. “In New Hampshire we have all witnessed firsthand the awesome impact these dedicated professionals have had on every student they encounter. Each one is a positive

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Your Association’s Got You Covered with No-Cost NEA Life Insurance

Being a member of the NEA has many advantages, but one of the best benefits your Association provides to eligible NEA members is no-cost life insurance. If you haven’t done so already, take the time now to register or update your beneficiaries for: NEA® Complimentary Life Insurance (for all eligible members): NEA Complimentary Life Insurance is provided at no cost to active, staff, reserve and life members. Coverage is automatic, and members do not have to enroll or apply. Plan benefits include: up to $1,000 of Term Life Insurance, up to $5,000 of Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance ($50,000 for covered accidents that occur on the job or while serving as an Association Leader), and $150,000 of Term Life Insurance for an unlawful homicide while on the job. This

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NEA President: Every Child has the Right to Feel Safe, Welcomed and Valued

Educators welcome groundbreaking civil rights protections for transgender students in schools WASHINGTON—Today, the National Education Association, the nation’s largest professional association representing three million educators, enthusiastically welcomed the Obama administration’s guidance for school districts to help ensure the civil rights of transgender students. The following statement can be attributed to NEA President Lily Eskelsen García: “Every student matters, and every child has the right to feel safe, welcomed, and valued in our schools. As educators, we are responsible for our students’ education and safety, including transgender students. We know that students are more likely to learn and succeed in safe, supportive environments. Unfortunately, as we have seen play out in places like North Carolina, politicians are playing games with the lives of children and teens who are seen as different

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NEA-NH Backs HB 634

This morning, NEA New Hampshire announced its support of HB 634. “NEA New Hampshire is proud to support HB 634, a bill to close tax loopholes to help open opportunity for all,” said Scott McGilvray, NEA-NH President.  “If we are serious about education and economic growth, then we can no longer afford revenue sapping tax loopholes, including the capital gains loophole. It is time to close these loopholes, provide some tax relief to the middle class and invest in our future.  Together, we can expand opportunity for all, not just the wealthy few.” Closing the capital gains loophole alone would generate approximately $120 million in revenue. Overall, the HB 634 would generate up to $100 million in net revenue for the general fund each year once fully implemented, including consideration

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NEA-NH President Testifies on Three Bills

NEA New Hampshire Scott McGilvray testified on three bills before House Committees this morning, HB 253, HB 347 and HB 324. HB 253 would require all new public charter school applications to provide an educational mission statement that includes details of the specific purpose and goals of the school. The educational mission statement shall “count for not less than 25 percent in the criteria for evaluating a chartered public school application. The mission statement shall make a clear and documented case that the proposed school will meet a need not currently being met in the school district in which it will be located by broadening learning opportunities for an underserved student population, offering an alternative curriculum, employing an alternative and innovative methodology, or some combination of the same. NEA-NH Supports HB

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NEA President’s Letter to Secretary Duncan

NEA President Lily Eskelsen-Garcia sent a letter to Secretary Duncan this morning outlining NEA’s ask for an opportunity dashboard within ESEA.  This is a huge priority for NEA for the next reauthorization of ESEA.  “When half of American children are now living in low-income families, I believe we have more than just the fierce urgency of now to act. I believe we have a crisis of opportunity to solve,” the letter says.   January 26, 2015 The Honorable Arne Duncan Secretary of Education 400 Maryland Avenue SW LBJ Education Building, 7W311 Washington DC 20202 Dear Mr. Secretary: As the United States Supreme Court said in 1954 in Brown v. Board of Education—and your department’s Office of Civil Rights affirmed just four months ago in a Dear Colleague letter— education is

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